Monday, December 18, 2006

Photo Safari Update

Sadly, this was the best picture of the day, a
camouflaged mullet combination contemplating
an air-hockey table purchase in sporting goods.
I tried my hand at the Wal-Mart Photo Safari on Sunday. The challenge was shockingly harder than I expected. You just can't raise a digital camera to your face and take pictures of the clientèle. It requires far more crafty methods. The camera phone proved to be the only practical method for image capture, and even then flash was out of the question.

The customers too proved to be, though unique, difficult to categorize. At least in my local Wal-Mart whole categories such as whaletail, bra straps, cut offs and other flesh-revealing groupings were not represented. There were some fabulous individuals however sporting skullettes, amazing bow-leggedness and most likely to be killed by their own father for coming out. Definitely if we do this again it will be open categories. Best five photos, self-labeled.

I really struggled. There was a great muffintop which I just couldn't get a good photo of without being snapped in half by her muscled boyfriend, a fabulous camouflaged Wal-Mart employee who defied documentation due to poor fluorescent lighting in the bike aisle and I was nearly busted by a store employee while attempting capture of a mullet in the dairy aisle.
All told it's amazing I didn't get escorted out of the store.