Monday, December 18, 2006

Why I Should Hit Girls

I really need to start hitting girls. Guys I have no problem dropping, but for some reason I shy away from dropping girls. I paid for that last night for the last time.

Three identical situations. The first two were guys on breakaways. I met them on the top of the key and just collided full speed. I won both balls. Yet when the ball was passed to a girl and came out to meet her, I laid off just a little bit. So when we collided the ball kind of hovered between us, she raised her leg to volley it, I dove to get my hands around it and she kicked it right through my hands.

In our co-ed league a girl's goal is worth two points. Out of the goal second half I didn't manage to score, so that play cost us the tie and the win. We did only lose 5-4 to a team that beat us 7-2 in our first game. We're getting better. Now if the goalkeeper would just stop playing like a girl we'd be set.