Friday, May 18, 2007

With Guns Drawn

I stopped in the Idaho Pizza Company parking lot last night to check to see if I had my hitch pin in my receiver hitch (Shel's truck wouldn't turn over so I had to go out to tow/drop the clutch to start it). While staring at my butt plug I was shocked to have a burgundy car pull into the lot flanked by four cop cars.

The cops jumped out of the cars with gun and rifles drawn. Knowing the accuracy and trigger happiness of the Boise PD (see reference below), I decided the prudent course of action was to jump in my truck and get as much distance and metal between me and them.

Four homes struck by police bullets during chase [Behind Paywall]
March 19, 2005 •• 1581 words •• ID: boi2005031914459535
Some residents defend lethal force Denise Oshodi and Patrick Orr Staff Police bullets hit four Garden City homes March 9 when officers fired on a shooting suspect attempting to flee a police roadblock. Police and several neighbors defend the way police handled the incident, saying officers did what they had to do to stop a suspect they considered dangerous and a threat to themselves and the public. But several neighbors said they or someone else could have been hurt by one of...

A few minutes later returning from my house with hitch pin, I caught part of the scene with my camera phone. Only after the fact did I realize that it may have looked like I was training a handgun on the police officers. Whoops.

Cop cars with guns trained.

Note the policeman crouched with rifle behind the signpost for cover.