Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tuning the Compact

The Compact is a good idea, but I think I found a problem. That of maintenance.

Good stewardship is essential. Of the earth, a bicycle, computer or pocket knife. A quality item should be maintained. It is fine to say don't buy new, but there are times when it is better to buy new parts to maintain a used item, than to junk one used item in favor of another. And there are times when it is better to buy something new of quality than go through a number of used items, but that's a different post.

I have two examples right now in my life:

  1. My bicycle. I ride her to work every day and for many of my errands and trips downtown. She's a beauty and in fact, purchased used from a friend 10 years ago. Even well made equipment requires maintenance. I've broken the frame twice and had it repaired free by Trek (it was built in the days when things still came with a true lifetime warranty), replaced the brakes at least four times, worn five tires bald, broke a wheel and replaced all the gears once.

    Well, it's time to replace the gears again. For the last eight months I've been unable to pedal in my highest gear. The teeth are worn almost smooth. It was fine during the summer months to just cruise and enjoy the weather, but now that it's turning cold I could see a real advantage of being able to get to my destination more expediently. I should be able to buy new gears for my bike without breaking The Compact.

  2. My computer. Mysteriously, my home computer will no longer boot in any mode. The primary hard drive is corrupted. I just purchased a new hard drive. You don't buy a used hard drive. That's like buying a used climbing rope. It might work, but I'm not going to take the risk.
Should maintenance (note I didn't say improvements) be allowed?


Anonymous said...

Can you buy it without going into debt? Then of course you should maintain items that you need/use, even if that means buying new. In my opinion, if you are working a job earning money, you deserve the right to buy something new which will buy you time from having to keep fixing things.