Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Turn and Cough

Largely, I don't believe in doctors. When we have a cold or minor infection we go to physicians way too often. If given a week, we'd heal on our own. In fact, I'd argue half the recoveries we credit to drugs are actually our bodies healing naturally. The use of drugs makes us weaker for when our bodies truly need the assistance. There are clearly exceptions.

Today I had to go to a doctor for a work physical. This would be my first doctor visit in a year. Near the end of the exam he asked me if there was any problems that were bothering me. I said, "Now that you mention it my back has been giving me pain between my shoulder blade and spine." He ran his finger down my spine, told me to lay back and cross my arms. He then had me start to sit up and he wrapped his hands around me twisted my upper body. My back cracked rather violently three times in quick succession. The doctor added, "Yep, you had a couple ribs out of alignment. It should hurt for the next couple of days but as long as you don't tweak it again it will be fine."

Good, good. Now that's some sound 10 second doctoring. I was stunned. I didn't even know ribs could get out of alignment. Vertebrae yes, but ribs?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, shocking indeed. I've had a chiropractor "popping" my upper ribs back in place on an alarmingly regular basis. And here I always thought having a rib "out" would be excruciating...and obvious...but apparently not.