Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Frankfurt Airport City

In planning my first night in Germany I ran across this complete and utterly hilarious/painful song produced to highlight the Frankfurt Airport.

Master Session Group
Frankfurt Airport City

Just pack your bags and leave, tomorrow’s the big day
Destination Frankfurt, we’re on our way
to a city within a city and a hub full of streams
and impressions, like in our boldest dreams

Baby if we try, we can ride across the sky
Heading for this growin’ airport city
Up the clouds along, where the winds ain’t strong
High above Frankfurt Airport City
Frankfurt Airport City

We’re close like never before, to the city you can’t ignore
Located right in the heart of Europe
And behind that significant horizon
It is Germany’s gateway to the world


You'll spend the first five listens giggling and then next two days humming the tune to yourself. It's that terrible.

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