Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pescado Blanco Trenes

BNSF Westbound out of Whitefish, MT

My father loves trains, and just being near him I couldn't help but absorb some of this passion. Travel by train in Europe cemented it. I wish that train travel was as easy and affordable here in the States.

Whitefish is a great rail town. The station is a focal point of downtown, and one diner stays open all night just for the Burlington Northern.

I saw the station and within an hour I was on Amtrak's website. For $149 you can travel from Whitefish to Chicago. It takes 31 hours, but what a fabulous trip!

I'm not sure about both legs, but next trip home I think I will have to take the train at least one way. Too bad Boise doesn't have a train any longer. My options closest options are Salt Lake, Portland, Seattle and Whitefish. Of course there is the wonder of Greyhound to get me there. That trip alone will be worth at least three posts.

Westbound and out.

On the rails.

Whitefish Railyard.

Whitefish Station.

BNSF 2103 & 2185 in front of Big Mountain.

BNSF 7639.

Downtown Whitefish.

Incidentally, the title of this post built on the name of a good Mexican restaurant we discovered in town, Pescado Blanco (Fish White). It was a little pricey for Mexican, but fresh, creative and tasty.


Random Guy said...

You have some really great photos in there - well picture dude.