Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Winter is Alive & Well

Winter is Alive and Well
Winter is Alive and Well in Donnelly

In case you're looking ahead or confused by the tulips and daffodils in the Treasure Valley, I'm here to report that Winter is alive and well. At least in Donnelly.

I'm late to the keyboard on this one, but here's a few pictures from an outstanding weekend up in Donnelly and Tamarack. Shelly's friends A&R invited us up to their "cabin" for the weekend, which served to remind us just how white trash our homes are in Boise.

A&R's "Cabin"
The "Cabin"

Cabin Gabbin'
Cabin Gabbin'


A&R were outstanding hosts. We had a fabulous time hanging out and I made my first visit to a pay-to-soak hot spring. I was really apprehensive about the idea, but Gold Fork was excellent. Completely different. Communal, pool-like, but excellent.

We hung out in the water just talking as night came on. They lit up tiki torches and the stars added some light too. I prefer natural hot springs still, but I wouldn't turn Gold Fork down for a second next time I'm up that way.

Tamarack was again spectacular. We expected spring conditions so were in no rush, instead we got firm powder and the slopes to ourselves. The powder was completely untracked in many places in the trees. It was too good to believe. It's been weeks now since I've been to Bogus, but I'll have to at least wander up there for closing day on the 13th. It looks like Tamarack and Brundage could stay open until May.

Lot nearly empty
We practically had Tamarack to ourselves

Shel Shoeing
Shel Shoeing

Happy Kids
Happy Kids