Thursday, May 29, 2008

Edit this Website

Having spent days of my life coding around Internet Explorer's limitations, I found this priceless.

With Firefox or Safari, go visit Steal This Footage, which contains all the tape shot for Steal This Film.

I love the mindset they've adopted! Yes, they are sharing all the footage they shot and allowing it be remixed, but how are they doing that? By letting the public edit and annotate it. No limits. It's a wide open wiki! Every page, every word is editable by anyone. No login.

This is Open Source on a different level.

On top of all of this of course is fully transcribed, searchable video clips that allow one to jump exactly to the piece of the clip of interest to you. I'm sure it's been done before, but the implementation is impressive in it's own right, but giving anyone the keys to edit, removing the producer - consumer dichotomy completely is ground breaking.

What do you call this? Open Source ____? Culture, Community, Production? I love where this is heading. I wonder how much work it takes to keep out the Trolls?