Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me & Ma and Ma & Pa

I enjoyed a stroll this morning with my Mama on a new section of the Ma & Pa Trail constructed on (or near) the abandoned Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad right-of-way.

Hiking the Ma & Pa Trail
Mom on the Winter's Run Bridge

Construction began on the trail since I left home and I have enjoyed hiking each new section when I return home on trips. This most recent section connecting Annie's Playground to the fairgrounds north of Bel Air is exceptional. The MA & PA Heritage Trail, Inc. and Harford County Parks & Recreation have really done a fabulous job of creating a well-used public space. The trail when I visited was heavily trafficked and all pedestrians and cyclists were friendly and courteous. It is a true multi-age/experience park used by all the citizens and I applaud them for a job well-done.

Hiking the Ma & Pa Trail
Pond near Annie's Playground off the Ma & Pa

My recommendation for the future?
Continue the concept, but scale the effort beyond abandoned rail lines to become not just recreation, but an alternative transportation network that allows citizens to use the trails to commute by foot or bike to work and shopping.