Friday, April 06, 2012

Update on our little bear

The first day has been pretty crazy. Hence the brief updates. I spent almost all of bear's first day in NICU while Shelly was 6 floors overhead. She only got about 1 minute on the surgery table and 10 minutes in the NICU before they ushered her upstairs for high blood pressure.

Andrew was initially admitted to the NICU because he was having trouble expelling the liquid from his lungs, he was "gurgling". That calmed pretty quickly, but meanwhile he developed quite low blood sugars. We battled those all day.  He was normal by evening, but always on the low side (around 50).

After midnight we finally busted Shelly out of her floor for a visit but after an hour she was pretty wiped. We are hoping to all spend some time together as a family today.