Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Little Late for Christmas Cards

I was just changing a setting in my Yahoo Mail when I stumbled across this new feature. No idea when it appeared. Maybe it isn't new at all, but I thought I'd share it. You can print out mailing labels for any group in your address book! This could make Christmas card writing (or in my case St. Patrick Day cards) bearable.

While I'm touting Yahoo Mail, if you're not using the Beta, switch today. I've been using Oddpost, the precursor to Yahoo Mail Beta, for five years now and it's truly brilliant. It's Outlook in a web-browser, but smarter and easier to use than Outlook. Drag and drop, tabbed email browsing, right click, shortcut keys, RSS news reader and full cross browser support. For a map jockey/struggling web developer it's slap in the face reminding me what is truly possible within a browser window.

The web is truly evolving quickly from hyperlinks, to a medium that connects machines and ourselves. What am I saying exactly? Check out this video by Michael Wesch, an assistant Cultural Anthropology Professor at Kansas State University.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

DISCLOSURE: I truly hate the term Web 2.0, it's a marketing catch phrase and means little, but there is evolution taking place, and it's substantial. As we separate content from style it allows information to be analyzed/reorganized by a community independent of its creator. It gives everyone ownership. The web becomes us.


Anonymous said...

I dislike the Yahoo Beta version because it is so much like outlook. We just switched from Lotus Notes to Outlook at work too, what a transition nightmare. Why does it ask me to confirm everytime I send an email? It takes so much longer it seems. And if I send an email and then immediately go to Inbox (and therefore miss the chance to hit OK)did my email still go through? I sure hope so.