Thursday, February 08, 2007

McCall Winter Carnival

Watching the Mardi Gras Parade
in my fuzzy hat
Shel and I headed up to McCall for the Winter Carnival with some of her friends two weekends back. We had a nice "cabin" (nicer than our two houses combined) to relax in and warm blue sky days (for McCall in January).

I finally got to see the Mardi Gras Parade, we took some nice walks in the snow on foot and snowshoe, took in the snow/ice sculptures and helped run the Monster Dawg Pull. Koot, for her part, completely embarrassed me in the Monster Dawg Pull by not only failing to successfully defend her title, but by achieving the slowest time of all 100+ dogs. To celebrate her defeat she promptly peed all over my driver's seat.

Stupid Dingo.

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