Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Democratic Densities (Improved Maps)

2008 Idaho Democratic Caucus Attendees, corrected to display dots only on private land.

Democratic Caucus Attendees
One Dot per Caucus Participant

Democratic Caucus Attendees
One Dot per 10 Caucus Participants


Anonymous said...

There appear to be 6 or 7 regions of Democrats in Idaho. Do these correspond to urban centers (or is the rest of the state not that populated in general)?

Brent said...

It maps to the urban centers definitely. There is an even stronger correlation to cities with colleges (those bastions of liberalism). Well, except BYU Rexburg.

Brent said...

If you look closely you will see the largest clusters are around Boise (state capital/BSU), Pocatello (ISU), Moscow (UofI) and also Blaine County (Sun Valley/Heinz Headquarters).