Tuesday, February 05, 2008

McCall Carnival Sculptures 2008

Saturday evening I made it up to McCall in time for the end of the closing ceremonies. After dinner, Shel and I took the dawgs around town to look at the snow sculptures and took a poorly planned junket out onto the lake. The snow was at some points chest deep! This was fortuitous in some ways, though Shel broke through a thin crust and dowsed her foot, the pups were very, very tired and had no trouble settling down for the night in the truck.

Well, at least until the snow cat started clearing the parking lot at 3AM.

Record snowfall made for some impressive rooflines

Horses attempting to bust out of the drifts

First stop, dinner at Crusty's

Sculpture Contest Winner


Duelin' Bears

Taking a break

Three smiling faces



That's all folks!