Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boise Beer Mile

Triathlons, Marathons, Ha! You all think you’re so special. But how fast can you run a Beer Mile?
A Beer Mile you ask? Yes my friends, a Beer Mile:

  • Drink a beer. Run a lap.
  • Drink a beer. Run a lap.
  • Drink a beer. Run a lap.
  • Drink a beer. Run a lap.
  • If you haven’t puked you’re done. If so, well you get another lap.
This was the stupidity I embraced this evening. What else was I going to do? And for stupidity's sack I had to show up after a fellow hasher invited me.

Lap Summary
  • The first beer went down surprisingly fast to my amusement and I was the third one off the start line.
  • The second beer went down smooth as well. Unfortunately another constestant overtook me at the end of the lap.
  • The third hurt a bit and took a little longer, but I managed to keep up with the leaders and one fell behind.
  • The fourth took even longer and cost me at least a minute off my time, but by the end of the race I was 3rd out of 30 participants with a 9:05 finish.

A tragedy of the Beer Mile
This is a time I am pretty confident I could beat should a rash of stupidity strike again in six months when the beer mile returns.

So, I put this out a challenge to you, all my protein gel, stretch happy, friend-a-thoners.