Friday, September 22, 2006

An Odd Moniker

Stupid Dingo. An odd moniker and for those that don't know me well, and I should probably explain.

A loving insult if you will. She answers to it, and so did Tonto, but it probably isn't right.

Her real name is Kootenai. A name I chose based on a dream about a blue healer named Selway I had while living in Missoula many years back. When I finally settled down enough to share my life with a best friend I looked for a mutt with some blue healer in her. I don't have much land so a true Cattledog was not practical. I settled on a healador (an Australian Cattledog - Labrador Retriever mix). She joins me on almost everywhere.

But when she runs in front of cars chasing cats, lopes into screen doors and rolls in mystery stench she answers to another name, my Stupid Dingo.