Monday, March 10, 2008

Riverside Village Greenbelt Protest Ride/Walk

Crop of photo by Gary

Motowrencher has proposed a protest ride/walk through the disputed section of the Greenbelt through Riverside Village in Garden City.

Invite your friends and families to ride / walk in solidarity with us, we can affect a change! If you know someone who can speak to our group, at the event, invite them. There is no official leadership or control for this event, it is an effort of the community, not one small group! Anyone is welcome but it should be said that best behavior and respect for the community should be the norm. We are trying to change an unjust law not start a riot or sour an already narrow support of bicyclists. Remember...Saturday March 15, 2008: 10:00 am MST, Glenwood and Marigold (across from Garden City, City Hall.

For more information and my comments (reposted below) visit his blog:

My Comments on Garden City Greenbelt Access

For me the current setup is perfect. My daily bike commute begins at Glenwood and the route is paved, albeit poorly through Garden City, to my office downtown. In the evening, the gravel bike path through Riverside Village is great for a jog with my pup.

But what is convenient for me (or any other individual) is not the issue here.

The State asked Riverside Village to build a bike path for the use of its citizens. They didn't. My tax dollars went to taking Riverside Village to court in 1994 and in the settlement they agreed to build the path, yet bikes remain excluded.

It is clear that Riverside Village and Garden City are not following the agreement that was made with the State. This is a perfect opportunity for the citizens of Garden City and all Idahoans to challenge this decision with non-violent non-cooperation.

I'm in.

But what form should this take? Do we ride the bike path? Do we walk hundreds of bikes through? Or do we like the marching band at the alley in Animal House, circle at the end of the current Greenbelt: looping from the parking area to the entrance of Riverside Village, down Glenwood and back up the Greenbelt again?

They are all attractive options. I especially like the later for the bike density it would demonstrate for the media and the fact that we would not be breaking any laws, but if we have enough mass could bring Glenwood to a crawl and completely block Riverside Drive (unfortunately residents have other options for safe egress, unlike bicycles).

I was going to recommend that something similar be included as part of bike week, but the media and the community is listening now. Count me in.